Mini - 20 years old - Glasgow

The most amazing thing happened yesterday. My family are the most selfless amazing people in the world.


Pale white, like the skin stretched over your bones.
Spring keeps you ever close.
You are second hand smoke.
You are so fragile and thin.
Standing trial for your sins.

(via tilltheguiltconsumesus)

last night Jenny showed me nicola337 on YouTube.  Absolutely tragically hilarious.  She has a song called Both of my feet hurt and I was walking around for hours today in heels and it was playing over and over in my head.

I have never been so tired in my whole life. I wish that all of this shit would go away so that my brain wasn’t in constant overdrive.
I didnt realise I had self control like this but I hate myself a bit. Hardest thing ive ever had to do.

I wish I could sleep

I reckon its time to lay off the caffeine when you feel your heart seize in your chest.




i can feel this in my stomach

My thoughts get lost in that sky

this makes me feel sick tbh

Just figuring this shit out but I’m raising money and I’ll make you pretty things.


Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller in New York, also by Sam Shaw

I went to this book store and their books were wrapped up in paper with small descriptions so no one would “judge a book by its cover”